Installing RJ12 Telco Jacks - Part 3 Installing The First Telco Jack

Now that we have the first telco jack wired up, we are ready to install it into the module frame.  Stuff both of the cables through the cutout in our module frame so that they are on the inside and underside of the module.  Then carefully remove the masking tape from the cables and our jig.  The operative word here is "carefully" as we have a bunch of very fragile wires that could create some headaches if we manhandle them.
Turn the telco jack around so that it is face-up in our recessed hole.  Drill two pilot holes in the faceplace with a 1/16" drill and screw the telco jack to the module frame with two #8 x 3/4" screws.
Carefully turn the module over so that the telco jack is on our work surface.  We next nail in two wire staples under each cable so as to hold it in place and to take the strain off of the wires.
Next, thread the wire through the slot in the middle cross member and over to the hole for the other telco jack.  Keep the wire in place with wire staples as required.  We want our LocoNet wiring to be as neat as possible so that it won't snag on car seats, hooks, tie-downs, boxes, or other things that could rip out this wiring.
Next, taking the other cable that's going to go to the end of the module, staple the cable to the module frame so that it's as close as possible to the Styrofoam.  We'll be threading the cable along the surface of the Styrofoam to the module end using some polyurethane glue.   
We next twist and bend the cable so that it arrives at the module end as shown below.  We keep the cable in place with temporary strips of duct tape.  Next apply gobs of polyurethane glue on each side of the cable about 5"-6" apart and spray the glue with water.  After an hour or so, the glue has set up.  If necessary, add more gobs of glue and water.  This is what our cable should look like before we've removed our strips of duct tape.
And here's another view of the same thing showing our installed telco jack, the cable to one end of the module and the other cable threading its way to the telco jack on the other half of our module.
Next up - installing the other telco jack. 

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