Make Sure We've Got Prep Work Completed

Before we start gluing and screwing the pieces together, we'd better make sure we've got all of our prep work completed.

1) Notch cut out in middle cross member and marked "Top" and "Bottom"

2) T-nuts for legs epoxied into corner gussets and marked "Top" and "Bottom"

3) T-nuts for carry  plates and alignment pins epoxied into end plates.  Marked "Top" and "Bottom", "In" or "Out".

4) Screw holes drilled into end plates (both ends - 3 holes x 2 ends = 6 holes per end plate).  Marked "Top" and "Bottom", "In" or "Out".

5) Screw holes drilled into side pieces (both ends - 6 holes x 2 ends = 12 holes per side piece).  Marked "Top" and "Bottom", "In" or "Out".

6) Screw holes drilled into middle of side pieces for middle cross member (2 holes per side piece).

7) Holes cut out for UP3/5 panel or RJ12 6-wire telco jacks and recessed.

If we completed all of the above operations, we are now ready to start assembling the module frame.  If we missed one of these steps, it will be very, very difficult or, at best, awkward to do a retrofit.

Next we screw-and-glue the corner gussets to the end plates

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